3d visualization

3D video presentation


Architectural visualization

Architectural 3d visualization is a graphical representation of an object that allows estimating the characteristics of any future construction. The external features of the planned construction project are demonstrated from different perspectives on photo-realistic graphics.

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Interior visualisation

3D interior visualisation is a picture that demonstrates the closest to reality interior view. Interior visualisation, made by 3D-Max tools gives an opportunity to apprise the full view of a room with all furniture pieces and other details.

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Architectural movie

3D video presentation is a graphical video sequence, designed on three-dimensional space. 3D presentation is a short movie, developed according to your requirements and exclusively for you.

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3D Modelling

3D modelling allows to turn the 3D model on 360 degrees and look at it from any point. This technology gives an opportunity to change illumination intensity, illumination tools placing and also to remove or add objects to the 3D interior scene.

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