Creating 3d models

3D modelling

I use it in my work 3D max and blender software, which allows me to create objects of any complexity, size and if needed you also can print the visualisation in high quality.

3D modelling allows to turn the 3D model on 360 degrees and look at it from any point. This technology gives an opportunity to change illumination intensity, illumination tools placing and also to remove or add objects to the 3D interior scene.

Our studio does 3D modelling of:

• Things and objects;

• Interiors;

• Architecture: buildings, cottages and houses;

• Landscapes and common plans;

• Order 3D modelling.

The price for 3D model of a building depends on architectural complexity of it and on detalization needed. If you need close-ups we will need to work on details modelling more careful. If you aim to print pictures without close-ups, that would be cheaper.

3D modelling itself is the process of 3D model creation. It makes possible the selling or presentation of any product. Today there are lots of programs which allow to create a qualitative model. But it is a professional who can understand what you need to get in the end, who can use his/her professional skills properly and acts as an artist if needed. It is a common thing, that 3D modelling of houses is operated by professional wed-studios, which possesses an enormous experience of such work.

3D visualization complex Vip Cata Condo 3D визуализация дома 2

What you get working with me:

•Quality. Different range of skills;

• No borders. Everything is possible in 3D graphics, even the most incredible ideas, which we use in our work;

• Full merge. I merge deep in each project, understand all your wishes in a proper way and consider all the targets;

•Experience. I have worked on many large projects and have continued to improve for many years;

•Client benefits. Your product will be shown in the best way, so that the sells will go better.

Besides all the above mentioned facts our prices are also an advantage of our studio. I take care for every client and we understand how you need to get a fast result and we get provide it.

I create 3D models according to your order, targeted time period and your wishes. I are a responsible organisation and we won’t promise things we can’t do.

You can find out information about the prices for 3D modeling by sending your task not by email.


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