Architectural 3d visualization

Architectural visualization

Architectural rendering is a graphical representation of an object that allows estimating the characteristics of any future construction. The external features of the planned construction project are demonstrated from different perspectives on photo-realistic graphics.

3D exterior visualization is an effective tool that allows bringing the discussion with contractors to a new level and shorten a decision making process at the same time. The visualization is more meaningful and intuitively clearer than drawings and sketches. You can also add 3D architectural visualization to your Company’s websites, presentations, catalogues, create a promo video and virtual tours.

3D визуализация дома 2 3D visualization complex

3D visualization services:

  1. 1. 3D architectural visualization
  2. 2. Residential rendering
  3. 3. House rendering
  4. 4. Cottage rendering
  5. 5. Country house rendering
  6. 6. Graphics for printing
  7. 7. Architectural 3D modeling

Construction Companies progressively use the services of architectural visualization specialists, since nothing like schemes, blueprints or thorough calculations can be as persuasive as the future image of buildings and their interiors.
Owing to this convincing 3D tool, attracting the investments to the project became a lot easier.

With the help of photo-realistic image you can easily get acquainted with a future appearance of the building on the early stages of planning regardless of whether you are planning to build a business center, cafe or residential complex. For this very reason it is possible to assess all the strengths and weaknesses of the future building and ensure that the building is compliant with an architectural concept of all the objects located nearby.

You can order the architectural visualization at the most affordable prices in our studio. We have an individual approach for every customer and therefore can guarantee only the best results. You can test our abilities in action by entrusting us the development of your project with a minimum advance payment.

*We can proceed with your order even if the incomplete package of necessary materials is submitted! This is mostly the case for the projects that are under development, but nevertheless need to be presented to clients and partners. Then the visualization of your project will be implemented according to your recommendations.

Before we start

The following materials are required for architectural rendering and landscaping:

  1. 1. General location plan (if it is necessary to reflect neighboring area and surrounding buildings)
  2. 2. Layout plan
  3. 3. Floor plans for differing floors (starting with the basement)
  4. 4. Roof plan (if any)
  5. 5. Color images of the building facades (you can provide blueprints including finishing materials as well)

This data is a mandatory part of the project documentation for the organization that designs the object.
It is preferable to provide data and blueprints for the visualization in the AutoCAD (.dwg) format.


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