3D Interior visualisation

Interior 3D visualisation

3D interior visualisation is a picture that demonstrates the closest to reality interior view. Interior visualisation, made by 3D-Max tools gives an opportunity to apprise the full view of a room with all furniture pieces and other details. This also allows different firms to create promo booklets and presentations, which can be then demonstrated to their clients.
Visualisation creates the impression of being at the place, gives an occasion to turn on 360 degrees and look close at every small detail. It provides a way to a walk along a business center, a country house or an appartment interiors, makes us understand how everything will look like in the end, gives an opportunity to estimate the harmony of restoration, furniture and decorative elements.

Interior 3D Visualisation services:

• An appartment interior modelling;
• Appartment visualisation;
• 3D living-room;
• 3D bedroom;
• 3D kitchen;
• Office interior visualisation;
• Industrial space visualisation;

The prices for 3D interior visualisation differ and depend on the difficulty of the project. Thus visualisation in classical, gothic and roman styles demands work with stucco mouldings, colorific ornaments, the smallest details, pilasters and carvings. It takes more time and efforts, than, for example, when we create an interior in minimalistic or Hi-Tech style. So the price for easier visualisation will be cheaper. Very spacious rooms or rooms with very big empty space are also estimated cheaper.

You will get a high quality job.

Our employees are all highly professional specialists with a large expierence in interior visualisation. We use 3D Max, V-Ray and Corona renders, considering the purpose. We always work as a team and do everything with accuracy, so that you get the targeted result in a short period of time and for suitable price. You can place an order for 3D visualisation at any time and get the result in a targeted period. We don’t work for quantity, but for quality of the orders, that is why we don’t search for many new orders, but try to perform a good quality from A to Z. Prices for 3D visualisation by our web-studio are affordable and even low for everyone. We created the mutually advantageous cooperation for both sides. Our price is one of the most suitable on the market.
You can easily find out the price for 3D interior or architectual visualisation at our site. Just contact our manager and we will calculate the cost according to your building or room. We work with all the styles and forms of construction and guarantee the high result to all our clients.

Which details do me need from the client?

1. Planning.
2. Wall elevation.
3. Finishing materials list (colors, texture examples, scans from catalogues etc.)
4. Furniture placement plan, materials and colors of the furniture.
5. If the model of the furniture is needed – schemes, photos from different angles, sizes.
6. Illumination recommendations (artificial lights or daylight).
7. Information about wishable angles of the visualisated room.
8. Recommendations about details and filling of the space.

* You can definetely place an order even if you don’t have all the information mentioned above! It’s a common thing, especially for the projects, which are still in work, but you need to show them to the clients or partners. In this case the visualisation of your project will be fulfilled according to your recommendations.

The price for my services is much lower than the benefits you get. The final price for each project is estimated individually and depends on object type, difficulty and time needed.


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